Point of Sale (POS) Video Text Inserter

CR-TEXT-340 is designed for single cash register applications on any BNC video surveillance systems. It captures and superimposes cash receipt transaction data onto live video with the cashier’s activities recorded on the surveillance systems.

CR-TEXT-340 Implementing minimizes shrink and increases profits for F&B owners and retail managers. It is also capable of pinpointing flagged transactions such as VOID, REFUND, NO SALES etc: and compatible with most cash register and Point-Of-Sales Systems.

CR-TEXT-340 Customized PI4ECR printer interface boards and cables available for a wide range of ECR and POS.

Key Features
  • Displays up to 10 lines
  • Displays up to 40 characters per line
  • Programmable text sizes, grayscale, background, and transparency
  • Text can be positioned anywhere on the screen
  • Programmable scrolling speed, pause and screen clear timers
  • Blinking text and LED on flagged transactions (exceptions)
  • 16 programmable flagged transactions
  • Up to 4000 transactions and exceptions logging with time stamp (minimum 500, optional)
  • 2 trigger inputs
  • 2 alarm outputs
  • Cash drawer monitoring
  • Video loss and com activity LEDs for ease of installation and fault finding
  • Host/PC programming
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