Automatic Sliding doors

Multi-function control, Direct manual adjustment parameters, Action commands. This module Design makes the construction, installation and commissioning very convenient, and fast.  The DC Brushless Motor works with Turbine worm, big Starting torque, high speed, quiet, long life. If there is strong wind to prevent the door movement, the control system will correct power automatically, Improve motor torque, force the door closed.  
If there is a person or fraise in the door closing way, the control system will make the door open according to react. This function can protect a person from shut and protect the equipment from damage.

The motor has a self-lock function; it’s convenient to control the flow of people, improve security. Remote control switch can control the mode of the door. Standard configuration can connect a variety of additional accessories, applicable to various occasions and the environment. PU pulley makes the door moving quiet and steady. The door can be half-open or full-open, you can adjust the mode manually, and this design can save energy.

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