• Residential home with single gate leaf weight not exceeding 300kg. 
  • Good quality. System major components are made of top grade tough, durable and rust resistant material. 
  • Fast and silent. The actuator is capable for 90° opening within only 7 to 10 seconds and is exceptionally quiet in operation. 
  • Last Longer. Gear Box is submerged in an oil bath for more protection. This design significantly improves the actuator’s mechanical life span. 
  • Secure. DC powered lock ensures that there is no authorized opening to the gate. The gate   can only be opened with the remote control transmitter or special key (during a power failure) 
  • Safe. Fully DC operation to avoid any potential electrical hazard. 
  • Convenient. Remote Control coded transmitter allows convenient operation for the user in the vehicle within 30 to 50 meters from the gate. 
  • Intelligent. The smart microprocessor is used in the control panel. Can be upgraded to support standby battery in case of power failure. 
  • Gate leaf operation with cushioning 
  • Gate will slow down towards the end of opening or closing swig. This is to avoid the gate banging loudly into the stopper and pillar light wall at high speed.

 Technical Specifications

  • Operating Voltage: DC 24 V 
  • Output Power: 120 W/motor
  • Trust Force: 0 ~ 60 kg
  • Max. Opening Angle: 360°
  • Max. Weight of Gate: 300 kg/leaf
  • Motor Rated Load Speed: 4700 RPM
  • Motor Output Speed: 2.2 RPM
  • Travelling Speed: 7 sec/90°
  • Transmission Type: Rotary lever
  • Dual Speed: Yes 
  • Backup Battery: Optional
  • Safety Device: Mechanical clutch
  • IR Safety Beam: N/A
  • Safety Limit Timer:  Yes
  • Automatic Lighting Control: Yes, including photosensor control
  • Remote Controller: 2 channel UHF PWM
  • Electric Lock: Yes
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