Hand-held metal detector
Technical specifications

Handle Dimension: 75mm(L) X 50mm(W) X 25mm(H)
Detect part: 230mm(L) X 85mm(W) X 20mm(H)
Size:415mm(L) X 85mm(W) X 20mm(H) all max
Weight: 350g
Working current: 9v “AA” battery
Alarm: sound and light alarm simultaneously

  • It is easy and convenient to operate.
  • The handle is skid proof.
  • Unidirectional operation —- When the product finds a metal object, the red alert lights on the front and back faces of the product illuminate.
  • Low battery consumes—- When the product at the standby mode, the current is 0 A; at the working mode, the current is 1mA.
  • High precision and sensitivity —- It can detect a small metal object (about 0.1 kg or smaller)
  • Battery Voltage Indication —- The system will keep on detecting the current when the voltage is lower than enough, the red alert light will be on, which indicate that you should replace the battery now.
It will alarm at different tonalities according to different sizes of the metal. You can connect an earphone to the product when you detect in a noisy environment. 

Use Domain: MD303D is a small hand-held metal detector. It is a good choice for guard detecting.
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