Up to 4,5m

LOOK is the range of swing gate with telescopic rams for leafs up to 4,5m.

They’re available in 230V and 24V, for a residential and collective usage.

LOOK operators are furnished with two different strokes: 320mm or 520mm.

The rod cover (optional) can cover the telescopic stainless steel made rod for greater protection and firmness.

Completing the installation with control boards of DE@NET range provides maximum security and complies the European Norms EN12453 and EN12445 also for 230V versions, thanks to the encoder.

Other features:

  • Self-locking operators
  • Versions  in 230V with encoder, for a complete managing of the position  (art. 351EN/SCart. 355/EN)
  • Internal terminal block, for faster connection to the control board and the encoder
  • Versions with built-in limit switches in opening and closing (easy to adjust)
  • Can be installed on doors in slope by using the adapter kit (optional)

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